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Smoking and Vaping Advice


Research shows that people who stop smoking or vaping at least one month before surgery have fewer problems afterwards.  Wounds heal faster and you have less risk of infection.


You should not return to smoking cigarettes if you are vaping nicotine-containing products.

If you indicated that you smoke and would like help to stop on the Pre-Operative Questionnaire then you may be contacted by the smoking cessation clinic.


What you can do to improve your health before surgery:

  • Meet with a family or clinic doctor to create a plan to quit/reduce tobacco use (or vaping). This may include taking medications such as Zyban or Champix.

  • Visit your local pharmacy to receive free nicotine patches, gum, lozenges, or inhaler. You do not need a prescription but you will need to sign a declaration form.

  • Visit

  • Visit or call *8-1-1 for more information

  • Ask your Pre-Admission Clinic team for a referral to a smoking cessation clinic. You can also call 604-875-4800 and select option 2 to make your own appointment at the VCH Smoking Cessation Clinic.


Smoking Cessation YouTube link:

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