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Fasting instructions

It is important to fast prior to all types of anesthesia. If you are not fasted prior to anesthesia, there is a risk that food and drink in your stomach can go down your lungs. This can be very dangerous. If you are not fasted before elective surgery, it is not safe to proceed. 

These instructions apply to adults having non-emergency surgery without bowel preparation.  If your surgeon has given you specific fasting instructions that are different to these, please follow them. 


  • Have no food after midnight if your are having surgery the following day.

  • It is safe to eat a regular meal the night prior to anesthesia.


  • You will be told when to arrive at the hospital for your procedure. It is safe to drink clear fluid until one hour before your arrival at hospital. 

  • Clear fluids include water, clear apple or clear cranberry juice (no pulp), black coffee or black tea.

  • Tea or coffee must not have any milk in it

  • Do not drink alcohol prior to your anesthetic 

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