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What is anemia?

Anemia occurs when your red blood cell count (hemoglobin) is low. People with a low red blood cell count (a low hemoglobin) are anemic.

Anemia is commonly caused by bleeding, low iron stores, or illness. Iron is essential for your body to make red blood cells and the red blood cells are important for carrying oxygen to all the cells in your body. If you do not have enough red blood cells, your risk increases for hospital complications and/or for the need for a blood transfusion.


If your pre-surgery bloodwork shows you have anemia you may will be referred to the Perioperative Blood Management Program (PBMP).

The PMBP nurse will review your surgery and bloodwork information further. This will decide if you need PBMP support to improve your anemia and iron stores prior to surgery. The nurse will call only if appropriate.

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Explaining Anemia

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